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please don't steal the layout of this site ^^; referencing off of it is okay but don't outright copy and paste it! if you need help with html feel free to message me and i'll see what i can do!

11/04/22: about page is finished for now!

11/03/22: front page is finished (for the most part)!


HIII welcome to my site. i'm becquerel, but you can call me bec! i'm just some guy on the internet that also just so happens to be a radioactive dog. i like to create things, like art, music, stories, and websites (like this one), and i'd like to consider myself as being very artistic. and, if you change the letter r in artistic to a u then it's still true so that's pretty cool :3 i am silly and normal and am not on the verge of spontaneously combusting at every second don't worry guys.

i run a webcomic on mspfa! check it out if you want lol


don't mind me...just me and my family...teehee