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hello! as stated on the front page my name is becquerel, but any nickname for that also works! i'm transmasc (not quite a trans guy but i'm somewhere around there) and use any pronouns, but he/him is preferred the most. i choose not to label my sexuality because it's kind of hard to explain (it kind of fits under abrosexual, but not really at the same time) but most of the time i like boys and girls.

my interests include homestuck/hiveswap, undertale/deltarune, tally hall, pokemon, digimon/tamagotchi, and old web stuff! dratini is my favorite pokemon of all time (as seen in the image above), and i own a stuffed animal of him :3

i'm also kin with becquerel from homestuck (obviously), but that's something i'll elaborate on on my otherkin page. just know that I Am Dog. i am a dog. woof woof bark bark.

also uhhhh mituna my long lost lover my beloved my boyfie kiss kiss smooch smooch bark bark ♥♥♥ ermmm sorry idk what that was...a demon possessed me (but still i love Da Mituna)

current status

feeling: a-okay!

eating: kit-kat bars

drinking: lemonade

listening to: high society - enon